Monday, 23 December 2013

Discrimination in Crafting Ranks.

not a craft Google copy and paste is it?
Weasel Fraudster Causes Disgraceful Discrimination at a Craft Sale in the Brecon Beacons.

What does the above picture have to do with a craft sale?  Any idiot with a computer, internet access, a colour printer and access to someone who can either frame the picture or can buy frames can do this can’t they?... In short, yes any idiot can, and this idiot (not me) does, and then goes to craft sales attempting to lure people into buying their ‘crest’ from him, with a little piece of blurb on their surname.

I watched countless people go to this stall, look through the books, speak to the weasel, let him shpeel on about their name and its heritage, I even saw several people contradict what he was saying about their names, thus proving he really didn’t have a clue about what he portrayed as his speciality!!!   I mean, if you are going to try to fraudulently sell something as your original work, and that you have done the research into each name and therefore your work can not be contradicted what so ever as you are the man in the know, you want to do it to the letter don’t you?  Obviously not.   This man it turns out – never sold a thing, not a jot.

However, this weekend, his not selling anything wasn’t put down to his poor work, his crumbling awful product, or indeed his god awful personality… it was my children.  Yes, my three children who were present, and were not actually making any noise, they did run about the table once or twice, but not that much, and indeed they didn’t run around the market hall, unlike other craft seller’s children.  So my three children must have been so incredibly noisy that they prevented anyone from hearing his bull… erm  I mean well informed information about their surnames.  Well, actually, if that were the case, then I wouldn't have sold squat would I?  Indeed I sold more things than I’d ever done this weekend. My left hand neighbours, who were closer than the Muppet selling some googled copy and paste work… sold many an item also. The gentleman opposite me also sold many an item, so whom didn’t sell?  The only one who didn’t actually do any craft work, the man who didn’t put his hand to anything other than click, click, click, click, not knitting either… then pressing print.

I am aware that discriminatory law’s have been broken.  However, do I justify the pain of going through all that, just so that I can have a table back somewhere I'm not wanted by all.  Actually, that last statement isn't true.   There were several crafter's who were incredibly incensed by what had occurred, notwithstanding the outrageous attack on my family, but the reason that the complainant was a fraudster whom had little in the way of personable skills and not one of the other crafter's had a nice word to say about him.  Even the café owner was upset, yes I bought cakes and coffee, but I actually got on with her and generally had a good natter too….  I am not the only parent there, there are other mother’s like me who are making and selling in order to keep the house above water and the wolves from the doors.  If I didn't do it, my children wouldn't have the lovely presents they get, their clothes would be a darned sight less than they are at present. So Mr Heritage, if you want war… then I might just come to your baying.  I (if not as a seller) might well be at the March sale, stood by his stall with a banner letting all know just how awful he is, and just what he did to my family and my confidence.

As for on here?  I know it’s a tad unprofessional, but, in all honesty, I thought the crafting world a pleasant place where all were friends.  So to find a wasp amongst us bee’s, it has really shock me to the core.  Please let me know if you have had a similar experience, or if you’ve had a fellow crafter of your discipline complain about you for no other reason than you’ve sold an item that matches theirs… (which might have been the other thing – another sewist, had the same fabric as me as a cushion, as did I.. but I’d embroidered mine, and I sold it lol oops)… again, wasps… buzzzzzzzz
wassppppssss - 'customer' clearly unimpressed with crock being told...

My three beautiful children, the loudest part of them was Siân's blue hair! ftlotwm!....

Please dont stop attending the Brecon indoor market craft fayre's, as by and large the majority of the sellers are genuine beautiful people who will readily take you into their fold and call you a friend from the outset.  Its the odd one that wont.

Not forgetting, Mike and Gill the couple who organise the sale.  They do get a hefty pay for doing it, so maybe when their March sale comes to fruition and they find that its not only the 8 that didnt turn up this weekend, but indeed have the majority of the tables empty in the hall they may take a different view on their money being less than worth it?  I mean £20 a table and 49 tables full? Few that was a  good whack of money in time for Xmas wasn't it.?

Love yawll

Have a superb Xmas if not before spoken too x
And if you are Pagan, I hope your solstice was as good as my New Year Eve/Day looks like being xx

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Silver Viscount 20HD... LATEST UPDATE....

Latest News

The communications have been flying back and forth between Silver Viscount Head Office and HQ BagsOCharm since the initial complaint reared a mear month after the brand new machine was purchased.

Now the machine has been taken back by the manufacturer again for the sixth time, with the same problems rearing their ugly heads, with no resolution from advice taken from the very helpful office ladies who have told me, new needle, good thread stock, fabric shouldnt be to fibrous etc (not that useful advice to a professional sewer is it?’…

I have been bogged down with apologies, updates and so on, with regard to my precious girls progress thus far in theatre.

Right ok, you all saw through the lies. Not one email, phone call, nothing. Zip! Not even a curtousey phone call to let me know that she touched down safely.

I guess £600 is nothing to them that be, however, to me, that is the new car I need, that is Xmas presents for all my brood, that £600 would give me enough money to have the car fixed up properly, sold on and a new car of larger capacity purchased.  Tell me why I am still being calm?  Must be the opiates and morphine

I really really like my machine, when she is full functioning, actually, that hasnt happened since I bought her either.  I have attempted on many an occasion to use the decorative stitches on my crazy quilts and thus far have ended up with broken needles, irregular stitching, knots all over, and frustration too boot!

I have however, sent them an email, Ive told them Im unhappy, that the machine bought from new shouldnt have come back to them so many times without clear resolution, I should not be put through the stress of trying to create items to sell, and find that half my stock un-sellable thanks to the shoddy work/stitching.  So as a sweetner, I have asked if they can do me a very good deal on one of their embroidery machines and finance also. I personally think this to be a far nicer option than me advertise all over Facebook/Twitter, and printrest to name a few that the company is totally inept and doesnt produce the top quality machines the purport to do.

Am I right? Or am I right???!!!!

Now I must away and clear up chocolate sponge and strawberries. (I got not one either)

Take care all,

Jane x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Silver not so Viscount

Silver Viscount 20HD


Many apologies for not returning the email sooner, I lost it somewhere in hyperspace, and thought that the young lady in question had actually begun to behave.

I couldn’t be further from the reality if I tried.  She fail’s me on several levels, and in all honesty is leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth when I come to finish job’s, quilt’s, and even when I attempted to use the font’s for the first time this evening.  Despite using differing types of fabric’s and stabilisers, fabrics without stabilisers etc not one single digit was sewn to any reasonable degree.  Unfortunate as I need to sew my own quilt labels.

As you can imagine, I am thoroughly ‘hacked’ off. Stronger language is being used here, but I’ll be polite on the email for dignity sake.

An outcome that would suit my needs is either a new machine that will perform correctly from day one, and not one whose bobbin case periodically jumps out of sync, thus causing great pain and tear’s through items being finished off in time for a craft sale in the next few days, nor one that doesn’t have half the stitches sold as having.  Or this machine will have a total overhaul, will be taken apart from the ground up and given a full bill of health, and tested to the point that all fonts are sewing as they should appear, the corners of a quilt can be sewn properly without the machine doing a type of waggle dance and jittering up and around.  One that doesn’t chew up fabrics as you’re starting out on your item, or one that half way through an item suddenly decides that it won’t zig zag stitch as it should, and misses several stitches.  I anticipate that the new/er machine will be able to go through a line of stitches and won’t have pulled through a large degree of thread to the underside at the beginning of the row being sewn.

As you can see Simon, I am greatly unimpressed and in all honesty am wishing that I had purchased a different manufacturer’s machine of similar spec, as this one is lacking on many of my needs.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

When looking for talent see this work....

holey moley mother be! What a talent is he!

Click on the above link...  or copy and paste the name....

no laser's at all, just hands and a very sharp blade!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sew in Heaven Right Now - Thank You Sue x

A wonderful lady came to my aid, she allowed me to use her address as a sending post for some US based patterns to reach my Welsh shores.
The little package arrived today and I am over the moon with what it contained!!!

Thank you so very much Sue for your kindness and generosity.  Obviously it wont go forgotten and has restored some faith in the human race that as of late I felt had disappeared pretty much all together.

With the World at war and everyone turning nasty and ignorant, it is a real boost to find a gem in a pile of smelly brown stuff.
What is going wrong? Greed? Jealousy? Hatred? Fear?
Who can really and truthfully say?

We are a race of animals that is not unlike any other, except we are a massive paracite, who want to take control over everything, want to breed to the point that no room is left in the areas we already populate, so we just populate in other areas. Areas that are green and luscious, full of wild life, and rare fauna and flora.  What does it matter that we raise forests to the ground, use the wood to build homes and burn fires to keep us warm in our new spacious and unnecessary homes.
Why are we never satisfied with what we have?
Because if we were, we would be at the bottom of a pile, we would be the walked over and trodden in, we would be. But we arent allowed to just be. We have to progress, we have to work hard and pay taxes, we have to put our money into banks, who then charge us to house our money (money that isnt actually really there, the governments allow it to be printed on paper!) Who really profits from our lives as they stand right now? Politicians and Bankers.  Honest people get nothing.

So, when someone who is honest and like me, at the bottom of the pile, does something so kind, I know then that I can rest assured that Im not on my own when I push out a helping hand to a stranger, someone who needs help for what ever reason.

To Sue, a great big hug and a thank you x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A very Big Thank you to one special US Friend Quilter - FarmQuilter.

A US friend

What can I say?
In the 11th hour, Sassy came to my help, with great thanks to this very special woman, I now have enough pattern's to dress the little ones, and me.

Though the original ones didn't quite make it as that sale was only 5 days long..., however, I would have missed out on these ones if not.  All was not quite lost x

This evening will now be rounded off by tidying up the Study/Sewing room, ready for the influx of sewing patterns!!!!

Thank you for being in touch,

J x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

American who can help me.. please x

Ladies and Gents,

I have bought... or indeed am trying to purchase some $2.99 patterns from, however, to send them to the UK, where I live, they are charging a rediculous $100!!!

SOOOO  What I need is a friend to act as a postal go between, they get sent to you, then you send them on to me, of course I will pay for the postage and will be ok for some of the patterns to be copied... (there are a few lol)

Please please help me, and my kids have some really cute costumes for Halloween... :-)

Yours in earnest,

Jane (Motheroffour)