Tuesday, 2 April 2013

And We're Off!!!!

Online… But Am I?

The emails are now up and running, in a new formatted outlook to the one I am used to, so a bit of educating on my feet is being done to accustom myself to it.
What about the rest of me?
Well the chronic back pain and hip agony have proved too much to handle without extra medication.  The Dr has up’d my dosage on the Gabapentin by the same again as I was taking.   The result?
Still in pain, but I can sleep 20 hours out of 24!  Which is great if you are Ripvanwhinkle, but I’m not, I’m a mummy to two active toddlers’s and can’t be spending my time in my bed.  The quilts don’t get made whilst I am asleep, nor to the clothes for the little ones either!  The dress I want to make for my birthday dinner isn’t underway either! Hrumphj!    

With two running about until gone 2100 and a back that screams blue murder at the mere thought of doing some house work, it is nigh on impossible to get anything done to a standard that I  find acceptable.

Well as it stands, I have two new born. Neo-natal quilts done and ready to add to the pile I’ve accumulated here.  I do also have some lovely table cloths that are ripe for the cutting table and set to be reassembled into another neo-natal quilt.  The photographs will be added at the end of this entry.

So in all fairness, I have done some things, the kitchen floor is gleaming and the house smell’s of bleach (a lovely clean aroma that allows me to believe the house to be a clean one!).  Both babies are in bed, and the youngest is now not climbing out and running riot about the house.  It takes time and a voice that can command an army, but we get there.

Is this home a failing one?  Maybe in some respects, but in the reality of the situation? No, it is a functional home that has laughter and tantrum’s as much as any other.  Oh, and a month of birthdays!
April is an expensive time in our family, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t’ enjoy it.  I am 40 as is my twin, Mother is 70, Sian is 13, Devin is 2 and my Nephew Harry is £15.  All needing presents that mean something to them.
What can little money and a home filled with fabric buy?  Well clearly nothing!  It’s all home made and from the heart!

Take care and I hope that your April Fool, was a Happy Fool

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