Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to School Sets

Bag, Pencil Roll & Notebook with Cover £12.50 without pencil's and notebook, £15.50 With.
School Badge Appliquéd upon the front of the bag and pencil roll.

Inside of the pencil roll

Front of the bag

Inside the bag, contents not included

very sturdy strap to withstand any normal child's play.


As you can see from the photographs it is a lovely red set. One messenger bag, pencil roll and note book with matching cover.

I have appliquéd the school badge onto the front of both the bag and the pencil roll. However, it doesn't show up very well so in future I’ll use a contrasting colour to put the badge upon.

These set’s are currently being sold at £15.50 for the whole thing with note book and pencils in the pencil roll
Without notebook and pencil’s the set’s are £12.00.

In my opinion that isn’t too far a price from what you would pay in the shops  Notwithstanding the huge success of this bag set, in order for me to have anything like income from the craft fayre on Sunday in Cwmbran, I need to pull my finger’s out and get some more made up.

In the mean time, I am sleeping,
Night J x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Creatures, pen rolls and a maxi dress

Despite being in so much psin that I feel nauseous, I have still managed to give life to Sweety Star, create another pencil roll with no school badge and make Sians maxi dress!

And put dinner on the table! BTW, that was the first sit down proper meal I have eaten for weeks. I don't eat, I grase and that is all.

Fingers crossed more creations will be born of inspiration later today x

I am enjoying the route my head is taking me on right now, even my eldest daughter is getting involved by thinking up bag designs x

Take care

J x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

A new beginning?

I am penning this whilst sat in bed.... on my mobile phone no less...!
If it works, brilliant as it means I'm no longer tied to the pc x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Creature Creates In Need of New and Loving Homes

I have made a few of the little ones- The Little BOC Creature Creates.
My goodness me they are so lovely, to the point that I am naming each one.  Not really a good sign that the maker creator is so attached to the product that she is naming them… but then it could also be a little bit of personality added to the creatures, instead of anonymous stuffed bits of fabric.

We have thus far in our little farm, some cat’s, a star-fish, two whales, and in the process of being born is a dog… Not just any do though, this one is a female Rottweiler!  You would never guess how I did that one!

So for now, I bid you farewell, and get on with patching up a dog

J x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A new Logo for BagsO-Charm!

This is the first logo that he has completed.

Answer's on a postcard please.....

What do you think? 
is the colour ok?
Does it tell you what I'm about?
Will it work as a photo watermark to avoid others' from taking my designs and making them their own?

Let me know what your opinion is, I would love to hear from you all,

J x

Annie Sloan • Paint & Colour: I'm Missing FranceWe haven't been to France for a ...

Annie Sloan • Paint & Colour: I'm Missing FranceWe haven't been to France for a ...: I'm Missing France We haven't been to France for a while so I started thinking about the houses and the colours.  So much so that...

Wow, what a lovely pallet of paint's to tempt me into changing the colours on 'all' the furniture!

I love the calming notes on the pastel's, particularly, the muted greens, greys and lavender.  All colours from the bedroom!

Thank you Annie for tempting me away from the sewing machine, (for a little while anyway!)

J x

Monday, 5 August 2013

Cwmbran Lady of our Angel's Hall Craft Fayre...

a lovely day I can't deny, but one that has again left me short of money with nothing taken in again!

I gave out a few business cards, but that was it, whilst my table buddy Ruth sold quite a few things and had a great day.  Which I have to be honest about, stung a wee bit, but we are together and I can't be bitter about it.  The lesson to be learn't is that whilst the bags are great and will sell, in the right arena. The best sellers' are the children's sundries.  The little nick nack's that attract the little ones attention and then Mummies purse.  Generally Mummies are the ones that end up dipping into the coffer's, just because their little angels look so incredibly cute with what ever sundry they have pick up! 

This evening I am (morning now actually), trying to put a cat together.

Wait for the outcome... It shouldn't be too far away....

I hope

Take care for now,

J x