Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Oh me Oh my, a Tear in my Eye ♥

Well if there wasn't a more fitting advert for my wares, than a little baby girl on her first birthday hugging her new Owl that I manufactured and hatched using her own clothes...

The photo's speak for themselves, I am (as you can imagine) over the moon, so incredibly happy and infact very touched and emotional that both the Owl and the Wall Hanging were so well recieved x

Thanks for having the trust in  me and confidence in my abilities x

Friday, 27 July 2012

The finished wreath

I have been asked to create something for a friends childs first birthday, she sent me some baby gro's so I got to work, now I knew she wanted a pastel colour effect, so didn't detract from the base colours of the fabrics,

Whilst I was hacking away at the items, I was praying that she would like the result as they won't look much good sewn back together again.

I came out with a wreath, a little one, roughly 3" across, I wound lace around the ring, then did what I needed to do with the fabric' bits, and then sewed a ribbon all around the remaining ring, embellished it and created a bow and hanger hoop for it... what do you think?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mimi the Maxi Dress/Skirt Queen!!!!

mimi g.: DIY Tutorial: Maxi Skirt! Start to Finish Video

Go and view this clever ladies blog and tutorials, so inspiring, and so easy to make - as soon as you see what it involves that is! ;-)

I will still be posting the owl tutorial, just as soon as I've figured it out x

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Owl Tutorial - Twit Twoooh

Yes that's right I will be making an Owl (actually I am in the process now), I am taking photographs, and have the software to apply the pattern to the tutorial onto this blog.

This Owl is designed to be used for 'Memory' toy manufacture.  Obviously not to sell, as this pattern is my own, unless via private agreement, with Royalties pending.

Fingers crossed it will turn out to be a delightful little critter, and the materials I have used are just a small T-shirt. It's not the most pretty T ever, in fact its a white one, with fabric pen doodles across it, but that makes it totally individual, I'll be trying a cotton fabric one too, just to test the theory.

Keep watching this space...

J x



Look at this lovely blogger's dollies... do try them, brilliant idea!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Patchwork Ribbon

Taking inspiration from the above, and using the 'scraps' I have in a bag, just waiting for such a project to poke its head out of the ether, I created my take...

The colours are as they came out of the bag, I didn't need to alter anything apart from their width. 
The backing is white bias tape, just the right width too as it happened!

It's an inch wide so probably not much good for making present bow's, but ideal to use as a bottle ribbon, or floral or even to go around a cake.

I am not sure if I will send mine to the web site above, I feel completely overwhelmed by their proficiency - me being a novice...

Let me know what you can do or have done x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Para-Cord Bracelettes or Shambala..?

C3 met today... all two of us, I won't count the baby because he just shouted for milky buttons.
We decided - or rather I decided, that we could move away from knitting head bands, and necklaces, oh and crowns (I did like knitting the crowns...) and we could make some real jewellery, Shamballa bracelet's to be exact.

I have already been pouring over the instructions and to be honest, was convinced that they looked too easy to be true, however, it was as easy as it looked, with little in the way of instruction, Si├ón too got the general gist of it and made her own. We were slightly hampered because I forgot some key ingredients. Nail varnish might seem an odd addition to the necklace/bracelet making kit, but it would have solved some irritations had I remembered to slide it into the bag.

We used little round stickers that were left over from college...

Using string, wooden beads, a pin and my bead mat, we set about knotting, twisting, turning and sliding - the result? Two slightly rough about the edges Shamballa bracelet's....

Farthest Bracelet was a remake at home suitable for a larger than average wrist

This is the first effort of mine, note the knotted area at the back made using knitting yarn.

When we got ourselves home, we made some more, using the rather large stash of beads and cord that I have accumulated through my Breast feeding necklace creating.  As we have practiced more, (only a few times honest), we can see our crafty work becoming neater, the selection of beads is also becoming braver too...

Funny thing happened though, as I was showing my OH our work, he spoke up about a 'Paracord' bracelet... How similar they looked in structure to the shamballa ones' we were making... So using the huge internet library at our fingertips, I searched, and checked and researched - the result is, Paracord bracelet's and Shamballa bracelet's are indeed the same thing.. the knotting structure is the same throughout both items. Of course your average Para would not be seen dead with sparkly gem's on his wrist (for fear of a good pasting by his troop), but it is an item that they do wear when made with paracord, a compact survival bracelet. 

Not only have I taught myself and my daughter to make them, I will be teaching my partner too :-) Fingers crossed we can share the tricks with some of the other members of the Community Crafty Circle - affectionatly know as C3.

Fingers crossed yet again that a direct link to the photobucket account that has all the bracelette on board will come ..... at the bottom of the page?

photobucket page (this will show the black and plastic bracelet)

Ah success...

Treat yourself...

Beautiful body scrub

Go to this blog, see what magic you can conjure up from your own kitchen cupboards!

You may even ending up smelling good enough to eat! ;-)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Pushions and PJ's.. Tea with Fringe Div

The nighty designed by I Can't Find Her Name!!!! sorry, but anyway, it was a good find and not too hard to make.

This is the latest Pushion, inspired by  Fringe

This side is Tea with me,


In bed with Thee........ 
Bet you can't guess who is who?
 This was the first nighty, and was a run away success, apart from not being able to get it over Gaia's shoulders, there is always a critic isn't there! 
Such a pity when its the size of the wearer.

First How to tutorial


Complete and utter fail on the tutorial blog.

I have so far filled out the blog narrative and had to delete because the photo's went out of synch, so being a totally rushed off her feet mother, thought....
I'll type it in word, having already dropped the photo's into the doc... then text box around the photo's, copy and then paste onto the blog right? wrong....
the photo's remained resolutely somewhere other than on the blog narrative...

I resign myself to the back seat, clearly when it comes to all things computer and internet I need to accede to superior knowledge and let the Other Half do the ctrl-c then Ctrl-v.... ;-) I did learn one thing then!

However, despite the failure in getting the tutorial onto the blog narrative, I still made the nightie, and then made a further one using someone elses blog tutorial, and the second just looked so much more better on Gaia than the initial one - something to do with the fact that I made it bigger than the initial one, poor Gaia had her head in and her arm stuck above her head, with no sign of the other arm getting close to the head hole :-(

Not to be detered I know that it will fit someone, and so can sell it on can't I?, the second one also was tried on, and whilst it fitted lovely, she was adamant that she was going to wear her pink pyjama's and not the nightie that mummy made her. (always the result I am afraid to say, and most likely pay back for all the times I complained when My mother made us 'itchy' jumpers, or dresses from expensive wool, or was making the costumes for our dance troop, 'cause' we were the tryiers on...)

The tutorial will eventually be on the website - OH will be putting that on for me too, www.bagsocharm.co.uk

Come visit us, see the other items and bits that we make...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pushion's Galore!

Wow, having had several days where there has been no inspiration at all, nothing sprang from the box at me, even though I have a stash of fabrics large enough to start my own fabric shop.

Then something happened, I don't know what, nor when, but I do know that it was after I had contact from a certain family -

So now I can move on from Isabella's quilt, I can package it ready for posting, and hopefully they will see the love and affection that went into it, and will hopefully give some of their own so that Isabella can be comfortable with her Mummy in the stars, looking over her from there.

Nautical SIT Pushion

Windmill Pushion

I have a further Pushion in the cupboard awaiting decent daylight for photographing, this was inspired by a TV serial - Fringe.... two of the lead characters Peter and Olivia, are in a cycle of love in one time zone, not in another, one universe contracting another surviving, but they are talkers, (a couple that talk), so they are sat having coffee, and on the reverse, they are in bed sleeping...

The pushion's are designed to be sit up against one minute, then use it as a pillow to nap on the next, hence the name Pushion.

You will also see in another blog, a Nightie I have put together for my daughter but I used her Sponge Bob one as a template, and created the dummy one with brushed cotton, very snuggley warm and just a little too warm for my bug.x

Tonight in a fit of pique, I will create another using the pattern, but the fabric will be taken from a pillow case, floral and vintage, so she will look gorgeous for her bed time fairies.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

One step closer...

A babies quilt has been awaiting her snuggles for too long...

Isabella's quilt may be within days of getting to little Isabella...

I have facebook contact with a family member at last....

Thanks greatly to all who made the effort to get in touch x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gifting Cone by Juliette Lanvers for WeAllSew

Gifting Cone by Juliette Lanvers for WeAllSew

Simple yet stunning,
We all have the capacity to create something special for someone special, and because we made it with them in mind, it should be all the more meaningful to them. x


A night or two spent 'tidying' a fabric stash throws up more projects

Notwithstanding my adventures, my crafty hands have not been idle.

Jan, a friend of ours has requested that I make her an I Pad coverlet as I have my daughter. The pattern was originally for a sewing caddy, but was far too large to really be used as one and when I saw the size of the I Pad, it just kind of clicked.

This one is in a pinky purple theme with butterflies dancing across the front. Gems are going to be sewn onto the front, dotted across the butterfly wings. I will chose a thicker than normal ribbon for the binding - I don't use normal binding as it isn't generally wide enough for the depth of the quilted item, and most definitely doesn't look as pretty.
Now, having groped my stash of ribbons, and there are many and varied of them, I must purchase some more - ah, ribbon shopping, trouble is, it will have to be from here, its too late for a shop to be open (other than ebay) and if a shop were open, I couldn't walk to it or into it because my back and hip are both very painful today.

I hope to be back sooner than my last update and this time with a suitable ribbon to do the coverlette justice.   One other thing I need to consider - interfacing to stiffen the coverlette... interfacing or a piece of plastic or cardboard? oh the quandaries...