Saturday, 21 September 2013

A very Big Thank you to one special US Friend Quilter - FarmQuilter.

A US friend

What can I say?
In the 11th hour, Sassy came to my help, with great thanks to this very special woman, I now have enough pattern's to dress the little ones, and me.

Though the original ones didn't quite make it as that sale was only 5 days long..., however, I would have missed out on these ones if not.  All was not quite lost x

This evening will now be rounded off by tidying up the Study/Sewing room, ready for the influx of sewing patterns!!!!

Thank you for being in touch,

J x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

American who can help me.. please x

Ladies and Gents,

I have bought... or indeed am trying to purchase some $2.99 patterns from, however, to send them to the UK, where I live, they are charging a rediculous $100!!!

SOOOO  What I need is a friend to act as a postal go between, they get sent to you, then you send them on to me, of course I will pay for the postage and will be ok for some of the patterns to be copied... (there are a few lol)

Please please help me, and my kids have some really cute costumes for Halloween... :-)

Yours in earnest,

Jane (Motheroffour)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Gaia's school bag is complete!

school bags with school badge and child's name if wanted £7.99 (hand crafted)
Matching journal, lunch bag and pencil roll can all be added for £15.99 inc postage to mainland UK.
For the bag and pencil roll, £11.99
For the bag and journal, £12.99
For the bag and lunch bag, £10.99
For two extra's onto the bag - £13.99
Postage to all other area's is variable upon destination - message for details, J

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stewie Griffin - Psycho or Cherub?

The Cutest Psycho Baby that ever Lived (beside our’s)

Hand drawn and ironed flat. Too cute and cuddley.(ok not cuddley), to be ignored. The T-shirt has been taken by my eldest son, the rest of the item’s being formulated are being grabbed by my daughter and her friends at a pace not too dissimilar to light speed!

Why the up-roar over a cartoon? The psychology behind it is vague, however, where there is stardom there is a product that can be made. Mickey Mouse and his band of merry men (and women) Etc.

What a beautiful grumpy face.  To be honest and fair, this little chap has a more endearing personality than our own two year old does at present... Terrible two's indeed, and with much more on top too boot!

Hand drawn replica's of this little chap are being penned by myself for my children and their clothes, bags, pencil cases... you name it, I think my eldest boy mentioned something about a Stewie quilt!  What a challenge, and I do like a good challenge

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Another bag completed today, this time with a Roseheyworth School child in mind. Unfortunately the young lady I had in mind wanted Royal Blue in the end... Not a problem as I have plenty of fabrics to choose from, and just so happens that the Royal blues I've got are flannel and brushed cotton, so not only  a pretty bag, but a furry one too!

I have another in the ends of the sewing process, a very vibrant Timeless Treasure Foxy Fabric, sewn with the contrasting dotted multi colour that goes with the set, and then a further block or two of black to bolster the set fabrics as they weren't quite large enough to create a decent size bag with.

As soon as I've figured out how to put the pictures on here from my phone I'll have them for you to view!

Take care

J xx