Saturday, 16 June 2012

From Murder Comes Unity

As the title suggests, a murder that occurred in early April has brought two families together.

Today I have finished Isabella's quilt, she doesn't have it yet, nor do her most immediate family know of its existance just yet, but they soon will.   I have the name of the most senior Police officer working on the case and will shortly have his station, should my sister stop drinking wine and managing her nails long enough to go ask her neighbour to pass on the message... (not holding my breath, but hope springs eternal!).

Rather than send it direct to the family, I will send it via the Police, that way I know they have got it, and I know that it is in the right hands.  There was speculation that the person asking for people to give items to the newly orphaned little girl was a fake and was either keeping or selling on the items. I do truely hope that this isn't the case, 'cause people like me are and have gone to a great deal of trouble to get these items made, or will be buying little bits for her.

Why did I do this quilt for her? She is the same age as My daughter, I couldn't see my daughter waiting for her mummy to come home, but never to come, I couldn't bear the thought that she would be alone. So someone needed to show her that kindness and love still happen in this world, its not just bad things that happen. What happened to her mother was terrible, but fingers crossed now she has her grandparents to look after her, and they will keep her safe, warm and loved.

I will of course be leaving our details for the family to contact us should they wish to. 

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