Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Fayre too close for comfort

Goodness me, it was only a few weeks ago that it was summer and the thought of Christmas was calm.  Knowing it was months away lulled me into a false sense of security, weeks to buy the little bits we need, weeks to get it clear what money we have to buy the big bits, and weeks to think about how much food to make/create and where to store it!

Well now, I have only just got the Chutney's on the go, they need at least a month to cure into a full on pickle.  The fruit has been steeping in alcohol since last Christmas, so our Pudding should be knocking socks off. Notwithstanding, I need to get it into  the pot, and ready to cure too.  I haven't even thought about the meat, or vegetables (we'll be taking them to mum's for Boxing Day) - That said, our Veggie supplier has already told me that he'll get our big shop to home for me, so I don't have to worry about attempting to walk it home. (my car should be back on the road by then though)

As for the Craft Sales?  Well the Pushions haven't sold very well so far, and the Shamballa Bracelet's and jewellery have done O.K., but the Candy Cone's have sold a little too well!
Right now I am making Cone's in Disney Princess, Buzz Lightyear, Thomas the Tank, Sponge Bob Square Pants to name but a few... 

The chocolate coins, candy canes, and snow men/Santa's are being stored up in the little cupboard so that little hands can't locate them - they are to stay inside the cones (and not inside prying hands searching for presents!!)

I am not getting bored of the cone sewing yet either, which normally happens when I'm repeating the same thing over and over.. So I must be onto a good thing shouldn't I?

Though, one thing that has taken my attention from the cones -
Sandy Victim's

I have teamed up with Michele from the Quilting Gallery, there are hoards of quilters making Blocks to go into Quilts to give to families who are affected.  A message of hope is sewn onto the back of the quilts - these take the form of Labels we sew up ourselves, so the families know where the blocks have come from.
The blocks are a very simple design, but, they use up our scraps so are Eco Friendly, and Charitable all at the same time.

The design is known as log cabin or strip piecing.  A traditional American design, which is befitting the beneficiary.

As said, click on the link above to travel to the Wonky Block blog page, there you can join in and donate some blocks to this admiral cause.

Thanks for reading
J x

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