Friday, 2 November 2012

Mojo a NoGo...

Not much else to say really is there?

I have the wreath inners ready, I have the Xmas fabric in metres just sitting awaiting inspiration, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with it all!

I can wrap the wreaths and then put petals on the front, but, I haven't enough pins to do more of them! and the haberdashers in town has no more pins!  Looks like everyone else had the same idea!  Isn't it always the same?

I really need a mojo slap about the face just to kick start my create and make engines... or at least to get my synapse's passing electric charges back and forth again...

However, that is my only problem, money aside that is, and in all honesty? if that is all I have to worry about then there isn't much wrong with my life right now is there?

and with that very happy note, I bid thee farely well x J x

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  1. You won my Pay It Forward giveway, however I couldn't find your e-mail. Please e-mail me so that I can send you the details. Thanks!