Saturday, 26 January 2013

Folksy store

Go ahead, click on the link and tell me what you think?

I just don't seem to be attracting any traffic through what so ever.  It is all very demoralising to say the least.  At a time when I least need it, thanks to the malingering flu, cold, chest infection that just will not stop harassing me!

However, I have managed to get some things done despite the colds best efforts to keep me bed ridden  

What is your honest opinion?
I am charging £5 per rug... Mug rug and Teapot rug.  Their sizes range from 4" to 7" 
That was by accident rather than design, but it works... I think?

I've also been doing others, these are in various stages of completion - Follow this link to see the other's in the Mug Rug Bunch

Well as of now, I have a house to get sorted (laundry day was Friday and I am backed up by two weeks), I have a study/sewing room to make straight and I need to take my tablets that will allow me to sleep soundly tonight... 

Take care of all of you and fingers crossed tomorrow will see me feeling fitter than today 
J x

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