Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Another Snowy Day?

Another Snowy Day?

We had a huge deluge of snow a few weeks back, which knocked the schools out of service for a week, and most vehicular movement also.  I love it when the snow is here... children want to play out whereby normally they are indoors watching crud TV or playing a video game.  The environment is clear, everything seems very clean.  The quiet is one to covet, the snow acts as a dampener for the ambient noise that is normally in the background and ignored (until it goes quiet that is!)

People stop worrying about rushing everywhere; cars if they can get about do so very carefully. The normal driving speed is normally roughly 10 mph above the speed limit. What is wrong with the snow? In my eyes, nothing.  It is all good.  Everything looks beautiful, and when the thaw begins, the icicles form! And OMG if they arent one of nature’s wonders what is? I had a very close up look at one that was dangling down from our hanging baskets, and noticed something that I had never seen before, in the centre of each icicle there is a line of air bubbles, as though the icicle is indeed, a tap running that has been caught on camera.  Amazing! This is our world... or rather; this world allows us to live here. Let’s take care of it shall we? Take your time to notice the wonders that are on your very doorstep! Breathe in the cold morning air and smell how fresh it is, how clean the air can be without a million cars’s belching out fumes that can only serve to choke a very fragile environment. Tell me why we cannot treat the Earth with the same respect that we, ourselves, want to be afforded.

The snow also gives me a huge inspirational boost. I dont have the normal hum drum of cars scooting past our home, the window that I look out of whilst sewing, happens to be overviewed by the road. People walk past, some whom dont see me even lean over our wall to look down to the area that used to have a doorway! I mean how rude!  They stop leaving their homes, they stay indoors and dwell. Watch TV, Complain that they cant get out.  Snow for some reason disables people in this country. My back injury is truly vulnerable when snow and ice are visiting, however, that doesnt stop me. Someone has to pull the babies on their sledge! In fact, if I were to fall over when the snow is first laid, I have a relatively soft landing! ;-)
Well having spent the evening, making Pin Mug/Jugs, and embroidering the Mug Rug that will be sent off to my lucky counterpart as a part of the Quilting Gallery Mug Rug swap. What I was supposed to do was, make Gaia a little fluffy cover for the cushion she insists on having on top of her pillow, and Mu Mat making for the Craft Sale in Cwmcelyn at the weekend.  What happens in this room with regard to time is currently being investigated by Stephen Hawkins!
At 0100 I should be in bed, snuggled under the sheets and snoring (snurggling I dont snore!).  Now I think it is time that I sat at my trusted machine and did some work, albeit my hobby, but for the sake of a sensible sentence... lets call it work shall we?

Take care and I hope that tomorrow sees a lovely day filled with joy and plenty of haggles
J x

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