Wednesday, 13 February 2013

White Times on Valentines

Not White Line's in the context of the very well known song, but the stuff that is known throughout the UK to stop everything! I mean everything!

It is ridiculous   a small coating of snow on the ground and we turn into totally immobile biff's who are reliant on the odd individual who thinks that snow isn't a leave pass.

The snow didn't last all that long! It was fun watching my 11 year old boy try to sledge down a hill that was more grass than snow.  I do have a wicked sense of humour ;-)

Today is the onset of my fabric sort out.  What I do is, I go through each storage container, systematically, and then bundle fabric's into their categories. That may be colours, characters, or even fabric make up - cotton for dresses, for quilting, upholstery fabrics, jersey fabrics, voiles, nets, vintage etc....

We now have a study full of fabric stacks. My poor ever suffering partner is being slowly squeezed out of his desk and into another realm (we have no more room in the house, so that is the only place he and his pc can go!), to accommodate my fabric fetish. 

Honestly when I buy them I am doing so to make a certain item with them, however, my brain being what it is, can not carry that information along too long and by the time it either arrives here or I get home from the shop (sometimes I forget when I get into the car, not long after purchase!), it has gone clean out of my mind...

But that is ageing, or so I am told.

Hang around for the pictures!

Tomorrow I will post some up for you all to oooh and aaahhh over 

Night all

J x


  1. You are not alone J, I justify every purchase in my mind too. I have the stash, but I don't have the stacks!

    1. LOL jodie, I am so very glad I am not alone!!! I didn't take the pictures in the end, there was too much for me to get into the shot... That can not be good can it?