Friday, 8 March 2013

New Tutorial and Pattern to come soon

Pattern and Tutorial

Proof that I havent been off galavanting somewhere having a whale of a time. No indeed I have been putting bits of cut up fabric together and making them into one coherent whole. Furthermore, Ive been creating my own Bias Binding to add a very personal touch to anything I make.

The last part is the most time consuming because of the amount of measuring, drawing, re-measuring, cutting, sewing... Oh the list goes on, but the end result is one that always pleases.

The former is the Jam to the toast.  Finding fabrics in little bits and then using a blade and ruler to cut into littler bits, then the Silver to sew them back together in a different way that produces some very dramatic quilts, throws, cushions or just fabric.

The neo-natal blankets have very little quilting on, for a very good reason. The little ones that are under these blankets are very small, and very delicate, too much stitch work will make the fabric less pliable and too stiff for the little ones.  They need to be held with cotton puff hands, and these blankets allow that to happen.  The plan is, that I will get some volunteers to try the pattern out first.
Once their feedback is in and errors rectified, the pattern will be published and ready for selling.  I am in negotiations with fabric retailers with respect to fabrics used for the patterns and potentially I may be able to put the pattern and fabric together in a kit. Though not pre-cut unless the demand for a pre-cut kit is great.

I am making them at a slow pace right now as I am clearing up mistakes within the planning stage as I go.  I think I could be better placed using my time doing it in an ordered fashion, but as I am a total novice at this type of thing I really am walking blind.

If any of you can suggest a method that may work to have more done a week,( because, lets face it, the blankets arent huge!), Please get in touch

The tutorial?

Well, that is for the home grown Bias.  Because I enjoy making it so much, I cant keep my enthusiasm to myself!  As long as you have a decent enough fabric, not thin and flimsy, you can make stunning bias. I use my cutting mat, rotary cutter and mini iron (Antex) to the best effects.

Watch this space for the tutorial in written form.  I will be posting a video of the methodology and practice as soon as I can convince my Darling Other Half that he wants to do it!

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