Sunday, 21 July 2013

Valleys FACE festival - Festival Park Ebbw Vale

Valley’s Face

Valley's FACE site

This is a new festival/hand made celebration, that took place near where I live here in sunny South Wales.
It lasted the whole weekend, with different stall’s taking place each day. BRFM were there broadcasting during the celebration today amongst many others.

I had a stall today showcasing my bag’s and baby quilt/blankets. I also took along two Tilda fabric patchwork cushions, ready stuffed.

What amazes me is that many people are unwilling to pay the hand crafted price for items.  A lady picked up the larger of the two cushion’s, which is 15” square, and asked how much. I said £10, which is a reasonable price, she put it down!!! Not a word said!!
I think that an afternoon working on fabric that is at the top end of the price spectrum deserves a price befitting it’s history.  That price is cheap compared to some of the cushion’s you can buy in shops, that can be upward of £20!

Not one item was sold, not a one, and to be honest, after paying £30 for the privilege of having a day sat trying to placate two toddlers whom both wanted to be off out and running riot, I was left very very dejected.

Today, I will be starting on a new line in goodies, I am making Just’eds,  what they are will come to fruition in a few day’s and once they are in the finished state, then I’ll be putting them on my Folksy shop page to be sold to the great unwashed, so to speak.

So for now, I am walking about with a back that is breaking my spirit, but finding fabric’s to make the next line in sellables….

Thank you for visiting,

Jane x
Red Ted and Biggi Bag

How did Red Ted get into the Biggi Bag?

Out again!

Label on the biggi bag

How handsome is Red Ted?

Red Ted gets the Biggi Bag Beach ready

A craft event stall for myself and friend

Inside under a huge circus marque that was red at the top.. made us look red!

This is one of the Midi Bags, Red Ted wasn't with me this day!

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