Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stewie Griffin - Psycho or Cherub?

The Cutest Psycho Baby that ever Lived (beside our’s)

Hand drawn and ironed flat. Too cute and cuddley.(ok not cuddley), to be ignored. The T-shirt has been taken by my eldest son, the rest of the item’s being formulated are being grabbed by my daughter and her friends at a pace not too dissimilar to light speed!

Why the up-roar over a cartoon? The psychology behind it is vague, however, where there is stardom there is a product that can be made. Mickey Mouse and his band of merry men (and women) Etc.

What a beautiful grumpy face.  To be honest and fair, this little chap has a more endearing personality than our own two year old does at present... Terrible two's indeed, and with much more on top too boot!

Hand drawn replica's of this little chap are being penned by myself for my children and their clothes, bags, pencil cases... you name it, I think my eldest boy mentioned something about a Stewie quilt!  What a challenge, and I do like a good challenge

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