Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sew in Heaven Right Now - Thank You Sue x

A wonderful lady came to my aid, she allowed me to use her address as a sending post for some US based patterns to reach my Welsh shores.
The little package arrived today and I am over the moon with what it contained!!!

Thank you so very much Sue for your kindness and generosity.  Obviously it wont go forgotten and has restored some faith in the human race that as of late I felt had disappeared pretty much all together.

With the World at war and everyone turning nasty and ignorant, it is a real boost to find a gem in a pile of smelly brown stuff.
What is going wrong? Greed? Jealousy? Hatred? Fear?
Who can really and truthfully say?

We are a race of animals that is not unlike any other, except we are a massive paracite, who want to take control over everything, want to breed to the point that no room is left in the areas we already populate, so we just populate in other areas. Areas that are green and luscious, full of wild life, and rare fauna and flora.  What does it matter that we raise forests to the ground, use the wood to build homes and burn fires to keep us warm in our new spacious and unnecessary homes.
Why are we never satisfied with what we have?
Because if we were, we would be at the bottom of a pile, we would be the walked over and trodden in, we would be. But we arent allowed to just be. We have to progress, we have to work hard and pay taxes, we have to put our money into banks, who then charge us to house our money (money that isnt actually really there, the governments allow it to be printed on paper!) Who really profits from our lives as they stand right now? Politicians and Bankers.  Honest people get nothing.

So, when someone who is honest and like me, at the bottom of the pile, does something so kind, I know then that I can rest assured that Im not on my own when I push out a helping hand to a stranger, someone who needs help for what ever reason.

To Sue, a great big hug and a thank you x


  1. I am so glad the package got to you!!! Amazing how it cost me less than $25 and they wanted to charge you $100+ - some amazingly high labor costs! :)

    1. now you naughty lady! Tell me via email how I can repay you!!!!