Saturday, 26 October 2013

Silver Viscount 20HD... LATEST UPDATE....

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The communications have been flying back and forth between Silver Viscount Head Office and HQ BagsOCharm since the initial complaint reared a mear month after the brand new machine was purchased.

Now the machine has been taken back by the manufacturer again for the sixth time, with the same problems rearing their ugly heads, with no resolution from advice taken from the very helpful office ladies who have told me, new needle, good thread stock, fabric shouldnt be to fibrous etc (not that useful advice to a professional sewer is it?’…

I have been bogged down with apologies, updates and so on, with regard to my precious girls progress thus far in theatre.

Right ok, you all saw through the lies. Not one email, phone call, nothing. Zip! Not even a curtousey phone call to let me know that she touched down safely.

I guess £600 is nothing to them that be, however, to me, that is the new car I need, that is Xmas presents for all my brood, that £600 would give me enough money to have the car fixed up properly, sold on and a new car of larger capacity purchased.  Tell me why I am still being calm?  Must be the opiates and morphine

I really really like my machine, when she is full functioning, actually, that hasnt happened since I bought her either.  I have attempted on many an occasion to use the decorative stitches on my crazy quilts and thus far have ended up with broken needles, irregular stitching, knots all over, and frustration too boot!

I have however, sent them an email, Ive told them Im unhappy, that the machine bought from new shouldnt have come back to them so many times without clear resolution, I should not be put through the stress of trying to create items to sell, and find that half my stock un-sellable thanks to the shoddy work/stitching.  So as a sweetner, I have asked if they can do me a very good deal on one of their embroidery machines and finance also. I personally think this to be a far nicer option than me advertise all over Facebook/Twitter, and printrest to name a few that the company is totally inept and doesnt produce the top quality machines the purport to do.

Am I right? Or am I right???!!!!

Now I must away and clear up chocolate sponge and strawberries. (I got not one either)

Take care all,

Jane x


  1. Oh, you are so much nicer and more patient then I would be!!! I would be shouting via all networking sites I was on for everyone to avoid this brand...or at the least asking folks what their experiences with this particular brand of sewing machine has been!! Does your business insurance cover this kind of loss for you?

  2. Poor chinese copy of Babylock machine. It never properly worked,
    both tensions gone constantly, needle hits the bobbin, Silver Viscount is a fraud.