Monday, 14 October 2013

Silver not so Viscount

Silver Viscount 20HD


Many apologies for not returning the email sooner, I lost it somewhere in hyperspace, and thought that the young lady in question had actually begun to behave.

I couldn’t be further from the reality if I tried.  She fail’s me on several levels, and in all honesty is leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth when I come to finish job’s, quilt’s, and even when I attempted to use the font’s for the first time this evening.  Despite using differing types of fabric’s and stabilisers, fabrics without stabilisers etc not one single digit was sewn to any reasonable degree.  Unfortunate as I need to sew my own quilt labels.

As you can imagine, I am thoroughly ‘hacked’ off. Stronger language is being used here, but I’ll be polite on the email for dignity sake.

An outcome that would suit my needs is either a new machine that will perform correctly from day one, and not one whose bobbin case periodically jumps out of sync, thus causing great pain and tear’s through items being finished off in time for a craft sale in the next few days, nor one that doesn’t have half the stitches sold as having.  Or this machine will have a total overhaul, will be taken apart from the ground up and given a full bill of health, and tested to the point that all fonts are sewing as they should appear, the corners of a quilt can be sewn properly without the machine doing a type of waggle dance and jittering up and around.  One that doesn’t chew up fabrics as you’re starting out on your item, or one that half way through an item suddenly decides that it won’t zig zag stitch as it should, and misses several stitches.  I anticipate that the new/er machine will be able to go through a line of stitches and won’t have pulled through a large degree of thread to the underside at the beginning of the row being sewn.

As you can see Simon, I am greatly unimpressed and in all honesty am wishing that I had purchased a different manufacturer’s machine of similar spec, as this one is lacking on many of my needs.


  1. :( Maybe you would be happier using it for target practice?? This sucks!!

    1. She has for the final time, returned to the manufacturer, and will either be mended or a new machine (the last one in stock as they no longer manufacture it). I half want the new one to turn up and be equally as unimpressive.... I could do with a brand new model of different abilities... as well as a new embroidery machine ;-)

  2. HI, I know how you feel, just over 2 years ago I purchased same model Silver 20hd and it has my heart broken. First the foot pedal then tension, it was sent back to the supplier and it worked fine for a short while. Now it is not working at all and the power is not going into it. My supplier will not listen to me to arrange refund or replacement.