Saturday, 26 May 2012

Its for the Community....

As the title suggests, the community spirit is what is needed in order to create world union, or at least an understanding of others needs, well wants in some respects, but needs are definitely better understood if we talk and stick together.

By sticking together, that doesn't mean to the exclusion of others, and bearing in mind that not all people are willing or infact able to be a part of a group of people, some people are crippled by 'shyness' which needs to be addressed in another way, via the medium of the internet is a critical solution.

Through my quilting hobby, and others that have taken my interest through the years, it is apparent that we are able to have a community spirit using several common threads. Bearing in mind that with community comes common... the two words and meanings are inextricably linked in many ways. One massive one being, a common thread x

Common to us is where we live, we have chosen to live here, we choose to live where ever, that alone should bring people together not drive them apart, don't covet what your neighbour has, be grateful for what you have! I have four priceless children that bring me so many emotions in one hour let alone a life time, they mean more than the latest TV, or designer clothes... without them my life would be beyond empty.

I hope you can all find something that holds you closer to your neighbour than previously thought, x 

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