Saturday, 5 May 2012

Machines at the Doctors... :-(

Both our Elna machines are at the Doctors...
Both are from Ebay, both sold as working, both, not working as they should, one decent seller has agreed to refund the amount for the work needed. The other less, erm re putative, seller has told me to jump off a pier.
So, a case, I will open, this man is selling other machines and saying they are working, then if they don't he relies upon the buyer to return and actually pay for the privilege too!

Why are people like this still allowed to trade on Ebay? Surely once they have had one or two either negative or neutral feedbacks then they should be watched very very carefully and if the same occurs then removed, not just from their Email account, but the IP address too? It is of course possible, but they won't do it... too much revenue is made from each and every person on Ebay.. its all about the money - honey.

What will I do once they are back at home, safe for me to fiddle and faffle with?? I have the third part of my LRR2 to complete... more colour to an already psychedelic quilt block, I may just put a slash or two of black and white through or around, that way I can create a frame for my blocks

As you see, the one above I have a frame, and I do like it, hmnnn, black and white? could a cross section in white make this a half and half item?

Now this, well she has a frame of sorts, just not a straight one, Black and white would look great on this one.

In the mean time, I will be creating a Banner for the local Comprehensive to advertise events they put on to raise money for items such as places for school trips for less financially fortunate families/children, or special equipment for children who have 'special' needs. 

Let me know what you think I should do next... 

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