Sunday, 13 May 2012

Liberated Round Robin 3!!! Queen of England No Less!

Well not Elizabeth Windsor, just me, but I made it with the Jubilee in mind... Still very fond and somewhat sketchy memories of the 1970's Jubilee, we had a street party, everyone from our street came. We were sat at tables in the middle of the street! Everyone was civil, we all had a great time, and everyone knew each other! 

Now, I am pretty certain that the street in which we live will not be celebrating the Jubilee... I do have it in mind to speak to other mum's in the street to see if we can get a Jubilee Picnic together for the kids... However, that's not for a week or two yet, so more pressing items on the agenda took precedence, The next Round Robin instalment.

Oh I worried about this one, how was I going to introduce more colour into some blocks that have more colours than our current spectrum suggests there are! They are a fusion of psychedelic past, present and future! Not one of them is missing a colour at all, how could I possibly do it?

Then my genius partner gave my sewing table a disparaging look, which meant, 'time to tidy up!', I shuffled stuff here, shuffled stuff there and then something magical caught my eye... a black fabric with multi-coloured flowers all over. Very little flowers, so from a distance the fabric looks like a shade of grey! perfect!!!! 

Now the creator in me got to work, holding a block in this way, that way and any other way I could before I came through with the way of the slice.  
Block 1 - 
This block as you can see, isn't 'uncolourful!' So how was I to slice and create a more colourful block? hmnnn.....
My answer was thus -
 Turn the sliced quarters about and add a little dusky Lilac in the central area's to dissect the block again....
Then came this....
Again how does this block, bursting with so much colour that it could create a black hole!, benefit from the addition of more? -
Now, the clever amongst you may well notice something about this block that makes it, unfinished (and I won't tell!), I needed something else, something quintessentially British to add to the Union Jack 'flavour' - hmn "I wonder what that could possibly be?"
A tea cup! LOL -
Close up -
On its side I know, but still you get the idea.... 

Again, the bright sparks will also note that no-where did I use the black and multi coloured floral fabric! - It just was not to be this time about, however, I do have some more blocks that can be - Liberated (just not quite as loudly as these were!)

Now one note to bring us down to earth.-
I will be posting an entry to pay homage to 5 young children who perished in their home last night. A fire broke out, killing the 5 children, leaving one (a 13 year old fighting for his life) and his father by his bedside mourning the loss of his other 4 children.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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