Saturday, 21 September 2013

A very Big Thank you to one special US Friend Quilter - FarmQuilter.

A US friend

What can I say?
In the 11th hour, Sassy came to my help, with great thanks to this very special woman, I now have enough pattern's to dress the little ones, and me.

Though the original ones didn't quite make it as that sale was only 5 days long..., however, I would have missed out on these ones if not.  All was not quite lost x

This evening will now be rounded off by tidying up the Study/Sewing room, ready for the influx of sewing patterns!!!!

Thank you for being in touch,

J x


  1. Happy to help :) That's what quilters do best, isn't it??

  2. Jane, your mug rug swap partner and I have been trying to email you about the swap, but I think our messages are not getting through due to your spam settings. How can I email you??

  3. Jane, I sent your package out a week ago. Please let me know when you get it!! :)

  4. my outlook has not be behaving, and my technologically sound partner doesn't think its a priority... :-(
    I should be able to receive them now, I hadn't noticed that nothing was coming through right until today!...
    Thanks Mishka, and my mug rug partner x