Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pushion's Galore!

Wow, having had several days where there has been no inspiration at all, nothing sprang from the box at me, even though I have a stash of fabrics large enough to start my own fabric shop.

Then something happened, I don't know what, nor when, but I do know that it was after I had contact from a certain family -

So now I can move on from Isabella's quilt, I can package it ready for posting, and hopefully they will see the love and affection that went into it, and will hopefully give some of their own so that Isabella can be comfortable with her Mummy in the stars, looking over her from there.

Nautical SIT Pushion

Windmill Pushion

I have a further Pushion in the cupboard awaiting decent daylight for photographing, this was inspired by a TV serial - Fringe.... two of the lead characters Peter and Olivia, are in a cycle of love in one time zone, not in another, one universe contracting another surviving, but they are talkers, (a couple that talk), so they are sat having coffee, and on the reverse, they are in bed sleeping...

The pushion's are designed to be sit up against one minute, then use it as a pillow to nap on the next, hence the name Pushion.

You will also see in another blog, a Nightie I have put together for my daughter but I used her Sponge Bob one as a template, and created the dummy one with brushed cotton, very snuggley warm and just a little too warm for my bug.x

Tonight in a fit of pique, I will create another using the pattern, but the fabric will be taken from a pillow case, floral and vintage, so she will look gorgeous for her bed time fairies.

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