Saturday, 7 July 2012


A night or two spent 'tidying' a fabric stash throws up more projects

Notwithstanding my adventures, my crafty hands have not been idle.

Jan, a friend of ours has requested that I make her an I Pad coverlet as I have my daughter. The pattern was originally for a sewing caddy, but was far too large to really be used as one and when I saw the size of the I Pad, it just kind of clicked.

This one is in a pinky purple theme with butterflies dancing across the front. Gems are going to be sewn onto the front, dotted across the butterfly wings. I will chose a thicker than normal ribbon for the binding - I don't use normal binding as it isn't generally wide enough for the depth of the quilted item, and most definitely doesn't look as pretty.
Now, having groped my stash of ribbons, and there are many and varied of them, I must purchase some more - ah, ribbon shopping, trouble is, it will have to be from here, its too late for a shop to be open (other than ebay) and if a shop were open, I couldn't walk to it or into it because my back and hip are both very painful today.

I hope to be back sooner than my last update and this time with a suitable ribbon to do the coverlette justice.   One other thing I need to consider - interfacing to stiffen the coverlette... interfacing or a piece of plastic or cardboard? oh the quandaries...

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