Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Para-Cord Bracelettes or Shambala..?

C3 met today... all two of us, I won't count the baby because he just shouted for milky buttons.
We decided - or rather I decided, that we could move away from knitting head bands, and necklaces, oh and crowns (I did like knitting the crowns...) and we could make some real jewellery, Shamballa bracelet's to be exact.

I have already been pouring over the instructions and to be honest, was convinced that they looked too easy to be true, however, it was as easy as it looked, with little in the way of instruction, Si├ón too got the general gist of it and made her own. We were slightly hampered because I forgot some key ingredients. Nail varnish might seem an odd addition to the necklace/bracelet making kit, but it would have solved some irritations had I remembered to slide it into the bag.

We used little round stickers that were left over from college...

Using string, wooden beads, a pin and my bead mat, we set about knotting, twisting, turning and sliding - the result? Two slightly rough about the edges Shamballa bracelet's....

Farthest Bracelet was a remake at home suitable for a larger than average wrist

This is the first effort of mine, note the knotted area at the back made using knitting yarn.

When we got ourselves home, we made some more, using the rather large stash of beads and cord that I have accumulated through my Breast feeding necklace creating.  As we have practiced more, (only a few times honest), we can see our crafty work becoming neater, the selection of beads is also becoming braver too...

Funny thing happened though, as I was showing my OH our work, he spoke up about a 'Paracord' bracelet... How similar they looked in structure to the shamballa ones' we were making... So using the huge internet library at our fingertips, I searched, and checked and researched - the result is, Paracord bracelet's and Shamballa bracelet's are indeed the same thing.. the knotting structure is the same throughout both items. Of course your average Para would not be seen dead with sparkly gem's on his wrist (for fear of a good pasting by his troop), but it is an item that they do wear when made with paracord, a compact survival bracelet. 

Not only have I taught myself and my daughter to make them, I will be teaching my partner too :-) Fingers crossed we can share the tricks with some of the other members of the Community Crafty Circle - affectionatly know as C3.

Fingers crossed yet again that a direct link to the photobucket account that has all the bracelette on board will come ..... at the bottom of the page?

photobucket page (this will show the black and plastic bracelet)

Ah success...

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