Monday, 16 July 2012

First How to tutorial


Complete and utter fail on the tutorial blog.

I have so far filled out the blog narrative and had to delete because the photo's went out of synch, so being a totally rushed off her feet mother, thought....
I'll type it in word, having already dropped the photo's into the doc... then text box around the photo's, copy and then paste onto the blog right? wrong....
the photo's remained resolutely somewhere other than on the blog narrative...

I resign myself to the back seat, clearly when it comes to all things computer and internet I need to accede to superior knowledge and let the Other Half do the ctrl-c then Ctrl-v.... ;-) I did learn one thing then!

However, despite the failure in getting the tutorial onto the blog narrative, I still made the nightie, and then made a further one using someone elses blog tutorial, and the second just looked so much more better on Gaia than the initial one - something to do with the fact that I made it bigger than the initial one, poor Gaia had her head in and her arm stuck above her head, with no sign of the other arm getting close to the head hole :-(

Not to be detered I know that it will fit someone, and so can sell it on can't I?, the second one also was tried on, and whilst it fitted lovely, she was adamant that she was going to wear her pink pyjama's and not the nightie that mummy made her. (always the result I am afraid to say, and most likely pay back for all the times I complained when My mother made us 'itchy' jumpers, or dresses from expensive wool, or was making the costumes for our dance troop, 'cause' we were the tryiers on...)

The tutorial will eventually be on the website - OH will be putting that on for me too,

Come visit us, see the other items and bits that we make...

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