Saturday, 15 September 2012

A week to end all weeks...

You may have read in my previous blog entries, or from my facebook page that my oldest and dearest dog, Badger had been partially diagnosed with a Lymphoma.

I was due to take him back this week for more tests to find out if it was for definite, He however had different ideas. On Weds night when DP got all the dogs in for the night, Badger was just laid in the doorway of the shed he had made into his own kennel. (unusual space for him to lay in) He was brought into the house and was readied for his nappy (elderly incontinence), before DP could get his nappy onto him, Badger laid down on the floor.  DP checked Badgers gums, they were white, he tried to perform chest compressions but they didn't work.... Badger had gone.  It was his time.

He has been a true friend and companion to me for 15 years.  He has saved my life on many an occassion, and my (then 18 month old) daughter too, when she took herself out of my In-law's house for a walk down a main road they lived on.  A truly remarkable dog, one in a million.  He can never be replaced, his memory will live on in our lives and in the scar on my ankle from training him to lay and stay and my then husband interfering. 

I love him very much and wish to have him back, one day we will walk the path again, but it isn't my time just yet.

That in itself has made the week a very sad and dare say, depressing one... however!

My two week old, and very expensive sewing machine has broken down!  The bobbin race has dropped out of synch with the needle, resulting in the needle attempting to go through solid metal.... obviously that doesn't work.  To compound matters I have had to pay for the return and the postage!

Two weeks old, and it breaks down, I get told by the sales chappy that the money will only be refunded if it is deemed to be a warranty issue.  For god's sake, what can not be a warranty issue?  The needle arm and the bobbin race shouldn't be able to jump out of synch let alone do so and render the machine totally and utterly useless.   Not to worry, it is all boxed up again in the original box (I keep all large buys and expensive ones), ready to be collected on Monday.  One issue... it is too heavy for me to lift alone! I nearly popped another disc getting it back into the blinking box in the first place!

Then.... putting the babies to bed, I managed to pour my daughters drink all down me and all over my newly laundered PJ's... quick change.

Thinking that nothing else could really go wrong, I continue to make my Mother's Xmas Cushions.
I bought some French General by Moda from Eclectic Maker.  Just the right colours for her palette.
I chose to make the Friendship Star block for the cushions.  I sewed the patches together with my Toyota Quilt Master 50. Not as capable as the Silver Viscount 20hd, but suitable enough to sew in a straight line.  Amazed at the speed that I had rattled through the first block, and was very happy with the end results, that was until I actually looked at the pattern in detail and then looked at what I had sewn together...  Lets see
The second attempt.

The instructions I should have paid more attention too.

Can you spot the deliberate mistakes?

Charm packaging.

The second and most accurate block
As you can see from the photo's there are differences, and whilst the first attempt wasn't quite spot on  pattern wize, it is still very pretty and will suit Mother quite well enough.  When I have quilted it with the Silver 20HD, and have finished the cushion edges...{ I am thinking of maybe prairie's.. though that may be too much for the patterns... luckily Xmas is a way off yet... plenty of time to decide!}
the both of them will look complementary enough to suit the job.

I hope this little entry finds all of you well, 

I would love to see some of your blocks you are putting together, or even try the Friendship Star your selfs?

I used 5" squares, obviously cut the triangles through the middle, and use the squares with a 1/4" seam allowance.  The pattern is self explanatory, no triangles should be on the corners!  DOH!

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Take great care of you and all of yours x
Be safe and Be happy x
J x


  1. Prayers for you to ease your horrific loss - wish they lived as long as we do because they leave a huge hole when they are gone. (((((hugs)))))

    1. He most definitely did, though and this may sound odd... a few nights ago, Whilst DP was away at work, I wandered into the kitchen to make a brew. Badger's smell was very much in there, it stayed with me, not just in one spot... the other dogs were out, but have a totally different smell to badgers.... I'd like to think that he came to say goodbye and let me know he was ok... on his final walk.... :-)