Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Blog Hop - And the winner is....

Going to be posted tomorrow afternoon (1800 GMT).

Sorry for the delay, I have had some devastating news and trying to come to terms with it...

My old dog has (it would appear) Lymphoma, treatment will prolong his life (depending upon how affected he is) however, it is always a fatal cancer,.... so prolonging may not necessarily be the right thing for him.  

Thanks for being here, and you are all in my mind, so its a warm comfort that the quilting community is here in my study too x

J x


  1. I am so sorry. It is so hard when a beloved member of our family (no matter how many legs they have) gets this kind of news! Prayers for you that you will have the strength to deal with this. I'm cuddling my little four-legged girl right now and crying for you.

    1. Thanks FQ, I really don't know how to make a decision that will either take him away, or keep him here for, in reality only a few months more.
      He has been with me since he was a 9 week old pup, the trouble he has got himself and me into is unbelievable sometimes... like chasing herds of deer through the Royal Forest of Dean!
      He has saved my life too, I have epilepsy and his maternal instinct to get help for me was of his own doing, not a trained one... not to mention saving my (then 18 month) daughter from being run over on a main arterial road after she took herself out of my In Law's home for a walk! He stayed by her side, and manoeuvred her away from the traffic... truly a fantastic animal, that no other can match....
      Yes I have the memories... but... I want the dog too... :-( daft thing though, it was a day that was going to come eventually, you just don't think of that do you x take care of you and yours J x

  2. I am near you. last year I lost my beloved dog, and I can understand how you feel. Now I have 3 lovely old dogs, and one of them is recovering in day hospital at the vet, waiting for me, to come back home. hugs Alessandra

    1. Thanks Alessandra, hope your pooch is ok now x J x