Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Give-away

I have spent many an hour wondering what this months give-away - and indeed the first of  my blog give-away's; would involve.

The item to be won isn't such a problem when you consider all the online shops, and crafty items that would interest anyone with half a crafty gene in their make up.

This problem had me tossing and turning at night when I should have been sleeping or breast feeding my youngest boy.

All things considered though, I have fallen on the Autumn season and time of year.

In the UK, we term this season as Autumn, in the southern hemisphere you are tripping nicely into spring....  In the US and Canada, it is called 'Fall'.... 

I ran with this and have settled on a creation incorporating time falling backwards... 
so a clock with the numbers going anti clockwise, or maybe a clock falling off a wall.... anything you can come up with...


it can be in any format, Quilted, painted, crafted in dough, knitted or crochet, cards and paper... you name it, the choice is entirely yours.

One proviso though,  it has to be something that you would allow others to use, or allow others to make.

We have until the 30th Sept (Midnight GMT) to create and photograph, 
post your entries to my Facebook page

With your permission I will then post your photographs onto my flickr page too.

Once all the entries are in, I will then ask an independent assessor to select the best of the bunch. (via Flickr)

The entire bundle of things to be won has yet to be totalled up, but....

at the moment I have ready to put in the parcel
a hardback copy of 'Jazzy Jeans' by Micky Baskett
and a
pink cupcake picture frame, which can either be hung or placed on a shelf.

I am courting many fabric sellers to see if they are willing to part with some fabric bundles for this months 'challenge'.

Good luck and this is open to the entire world, no boundaries... though I may have to draw the line at martian entries x

J x

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