Sunday, 30 September 2012

Such an amazing journey!

My quilt is to go to Houston!

The above is a link, this will take you to the AAQI web site where all mini quilts are held for sale, auction etc.  I made a quilt for them, it actually took me a very long time to get it right, and to get the scene set on it.

There it is, quilt number 11506, I had expected it to go onto the wall for max $10.  I never think much of my own work.  I was very worried because I couldn't find it, maybe they have taken it down because it was so terrible..?

No, I searched on the quilt number and there she was, Two Tree's heading off to the Houston 2012 International Quilt Festival!!!! OMG!!! an international quilt festival!!!!

You have no idea how extremely pleased, happy, elated, over the moon.. and any other way you could describe a  deliriously happy woman.

Happy Quilting all, and may the Challenge go smoothly for you all x

J x


  1. Congratulations on being chosen to have your quilt at Houston!!! Quite the honor!!!

    1. It is only a little mini quilt, but yeah, like you say, to be gob smacked is an understatement.... I was bouncing around the lounge (with a bad back that was a sight!)...
      J x