Saturday, 15 September 2012

New Sewing Machine and a Journal Cover

As the title would suggest my new sewing machine arrived this week,  having sold my brother PE-150 and all the software that goes with it, I bought a new machine that reflects the amount of use it gets each day.

The one that finally got my seal of approval was :-

Silver Viscount 20HD See here for details

Oh my goodness it is a fantastic beast.  I have fallen totally and utterly in love with it.

The mechanical action is smooth, there is noise but not much, obviously the Air compressed Elna's do have the medal for the quietest, however, as this one has so many in built stitches, memory, alphabet and other inbuilt functions that are computerised and make the sewing time cut in half, meaning ... I can sew many many more items.

I have even used the machine to sew a decorative seam along the tail end of our bed runner with my youngest daughter in my arms, 'helping me sew'... however, I do not suggest you do this at home.

So now onto the prize that Jean has selected...

There isn't an Ipad for the cover, so she has selected a journal cover with the journal (of course!)

Thank you all for staying in touch, I will be sorting out my tutorials tomorrow so watch this space for more items, 


I will be announcing my next give away this week, date and items on offer... not a hoop in sight, so don't worry about jumping through them.

Take care of you and yours

J x

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