Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Busy bee's and October Giveaway

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As you know I decided to allow last month's gifts to follow to this month as there was little response.  All agreed that this was the best course of action (Thank you all very much)

So this month's Challenge, what will it be, can you guess?

It is obvious really isn't it?

You are to create a pumpkin... 

in your chosen style, be it a patchwork pumpkin cushion, or a pumpkin pie, or even a pumpkin painting? That is your own choice and no one elses... Now what is up for grabs this time about?

Well obviously all that was on offer last month...

Spray adhesive, Two fat quarters, a cup cake picture frame, Jazzy Jeans' HB book, Covered with love book (kids quilts and more), Hand made Cards book, a Water colour painting - Lady in red by a local artist and Jessie pattern from Creative Quilter!

This quantity of items won't be hit again so be sure to enter with time to spare.

All entries must be in before Midnight All Hallow's Eve (in what ever country you live in) - I will work by the latest minute of Halloween for the planet... I do the maths not you ;-)

I don't think it would be right to host a giveaway that was open to the world to view if I didn't allow people across the world to enter!  So anyone can enter... no matter of geographical location.

However, there are a few 'rules' that need to be adhered to -

The work must be your own original handy work.  It must be ok for others to recreate if they so wished to do so (but not to resell as their own), it must be legal, AND it must be hand crafted (where possible upcycled or recycled items to keep us from dumping into the landfills of the earth)

If you have any queries then please let me know, I am approachable and can change my single tracked mind occassionally ;-)

Good luck and take care 
J x 

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