Saturday, 13 October 2012

Too busy for comfort!

I can't say that I have been busy making Christmas items to sell at the big fayre I am going to take part in, nor can I say that I have been overrun making items for the family for Christmas either...

So what has taken my days up?  

Gall stones, yup thats right, I have a few gall stones hanging about inside me preventing me from eating fatty foods.  Why is that an issue?

I am not a big person, not super skinny, but not big and not enough fat on me to sustain a harsh winter.  So the food's I do eat, do contain quite a natural high fat content and this keeps me warm, awake, and 'going'

Now I can't eat them, for fear of unimaginable labour like pains in the diaphragm area.

What will happen to my weight then? it will go down, and I will need new clothes.. no thats not the issue really, its the weight loss.  I don't need to, yup not many people are heard to say that, but I don't.  I can hardly keep myself awake as it is, today I managed to stay awake for 3 hours for the craft sale, then when we got home I went back to bed, 3 hours later I was woken up.... because it was nearly time to put the babies to bed.

and now, some 4 hours later I am falling asleep at the PC!  I fell asleep sat upright two nights ago, I can't hear the youngest wake up in the morning and dance about in his cot (which is right next to me!), but I do hear him in the night when he wakes for his comfort feeds (18 months old and I still feed him 3/4 times a night!)

There are many mitigating factors keeping my wakeful hours limited, but that still does nothing for my wakeful and productive hours.  

That said, I did finish the baby boy's quilt, and I love it.
Unfinished Quilt (backing is baby blue fleece)
all in all and whilst I think I've not been productive... I think actually that I have...

see for yourselves

In the next blog the October Giveaway challenge will be annouced, now I wonder what the theme will be? ;-)

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