Sunday, 21 October 2012

Slashes of Sashes..

A friend's wedding will soon occur, I got the job of making sashes for the 'hen night',

Thank god the coup is fairly empty, otherwise I would be up to my eyeballs in satin, heatnbond, and bits of shiney stuff!

Finally I am now up to the Bridal Sash, photographs will be posted as soon as they are all finished, (I don't want to jinx this one!)

They were relatively easy to put together, but one thing that I have to remind myself to do if I ever agree to do them again, make certain that the ends of the sashes are straight before I hem them, otherwise you get miss matched hems, not so funny when you have taken the time to decorate them too!

As for my pumpkin?
I have a plan, all I need is acrylic paint and some artistic flair to zap me :-)

in the mean time, it is way past sleepy time for me,
Night night all
J x

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