Friday, 5 October 2012

New Project!!!

If I could marry a quilt pattern I would happily sign that contract with this!

Follow the link to the designer, they also design and sell the templates that go along with the quilt pattern, however if you are a little strapped money wize, just buy the Gem Thirty cause this has the template of the Gem Ten on the paperwork inside.  Allowing you to complete the quilt without the hassle of working out the angles etc yourself.

Also, when you buy the pattern you also get a free complementing pattern that shows how to turn it into a square, thus creating a quilt rather than wall hanging!   Does it get better?  Well actually yes, they are based in the US, but don't let that put you off.  The exchange rate is quite favourable at the moment and this means that you will be buying a fantastic item for a very cheap price (I thought so as you can't buy it or ought like it here in the UK yet!)

Am I starting on it right away?  

Erm no, I have to make 7 Hen sashes and One Bride one... for ladies of large bossoms.   Luckily I do have a large stash of silks in to make them for them, and all in the right colours. ;-)

Happy Quilting,

Come back on Sunday, I will be announcing the October Challenge and prizes, which include the ones rolled over from the Sept challenge.  Come on and have a go, you have nothing to lose and friends to gain!

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