Monday, 10 December 2012

And its all finished

Alright maybe not.

What is finished is College, We had our last lesson today.  Bid a sad farewell to the Box Xmas Tree thing we have been putting together with little success - Not one of us had any enthusiasm for this project..

Whilst it does look nice, and once I have put the 'chain's' onto the leaves to prevent the children from tearing them open and off in excitement, mine will be all done.  What I didn't do was - follow teacher's instructions particularly well, mostly because I forgot what she said within seconds of leaving last weeks class., and, because at 0330 this morning it seemed to be a good idea to attempt to put the thing together in a final push.

Everyone else's tree will have a box, with an inner box, mine has a box with a lid. My inner box doesn't have the base that it should (as its on the top as a lid!)

I put bells on that lid, and on the top of the tree, so I can hear the little ones open the tree and get their treats for the day.

These tree's are designed as a sweet holder, to be dipped into at any time during the festive season, mine will of course be a different tree - It is an Advent Tree

Each morning the kids will tear down stairs excitedly to see what has been left in the tree for them that day.... Tomorrow....?????

Arg OMG! I haven't thought that far ahead!!!!!! blimey ho, what to put into the box that isn't 'lame' and will make them want to come back the next day?

Money for the older ones and sweeties for the two little ones....

See, Mother's really do know best (Sometimes anyway)

I do hope this has found you well, and also that you have looked over at the Quilting Gallery

This is the same lady who has co-ordinated the Sandy Quilt Drive, in which so many of us World Wide Quilters were driven to creating something for the families who were devastated by the horrors of Mother Nature.

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