Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Email Added to the blog

Following and evening sat with my beloved and some children in the lounge watching Television and hand sewing the binding on Gaia's quilt (her hand made Christmas present from Mummy).   I have come to view the blog and see what was occuring.

Directly following a poorly beloveds departure to bed, (he got what I had, but it will be much much worse!).  A programme came on - A Welsh Christmas, a musical programme, in which several great singers entertained a studio of willing listeners.

I however, upon hearing the beautiful songs, song at a time of year when family get together and enjoy each other's company, was not filled with joy.  Infact a deep sorrow.

The Christmas before my father passed away I chose to work, the hours were double and it meant more food on the table for the children.  I didn't know it was Dad's last Christmas, if I did, I would have been there, I would have cuddled him so tight that he couldn't breath... He would have the best presents you can imagine, he would be waited on hand and foot... so many things that make a difference.  

Only, I didn't go, the Christmas following his death, I did, he wasn't there, he didn't cook the Turkey as he always had, he didn't tell stories that would have all around the table streaming in tears of laughter (maybe not Mum), He just was not there.  We did want him to be, the kids wow they were great, if they weren't there it would have been a depressing event. 

At the end of the meal my then 3 year old son, who had lost his other Grand father that summer, held his glass high and proposed a toast, ... it went like this 
'Cheers Taidy, Cheers Grandad'

He knew who was missing, and knew that to toast them was to remember them
(Taidy is Welsh for GrandDad)

Please take care of the ones we no longer have to hold, and please take extra care of the ones we do x

Sorry this blog entry went beyond what it was meant to do...

You should now see some links to my email address, you can email me direct or via the blog, I will get them,

Janey x

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  1. Bless your heart. You are reminding us to get our priorities straight...it's not presents under the tree, huge feast on the table, lots of stuff...it's the people we love and those that love us. Thank you for reminding us of this fact. Frequently it does take the loss of a loved one to bring this fact to our attention. ((((((((hugs))))))) I hope your family has a Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter.