Friday, 14 December 2012

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Unlocked items...

Click on the above link to see the items that have now been unlocked and are ready to be sent to the lucky Facebook recipient!

In the mean time... our family Friday night holds such excitement that we can't control ourselves.

For just about two hours, my Step Daughter and I wrestled with a rogue Wendy house.

I bought this from a friend for Gaia for her Christmas present.  The rather romantic plan was that she would come into the lounge, see the wendy house and little else, go slightly mental about that and when she looked inside, there would be her Christmas presents all wrapped up!

I thank Shannon heartedly, because, if she weren't here with me I would most probably still be on the floor arguing with the poles and losing my temper increasingly.

What we found were, several broken poles (broken by a very hasty man, who dismantles by pulling apart too quick and doens't think of the consequences at the other end or that the poles may need to be in one piece!)

Simon in his haste to get it into the car and then out of the car, has broken poles and has lost one too. 

I am not impressed at all, but yet again, I am the one paying not him, I am the one who has to pay out again and not him......

Why did I take photo's of the item before Xmas morning?
This was for Xmas Eve, so we have some guide. My eldest daughter is drawing up a plan of poles as I type with all the pole number/letters clearly logged, the photo's will now be printed off so that we have some very clear instructions to piece the house  back together again with!

Ah, maybe I will see bed before 0400 on Christmas morning!

J x

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