Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cross Stitch Anyone?

I have accumulated hundreds of Cross Stitch Patterns

A friend gave them to me when I was trying to set up a craft club in our local area.  The craft club fell flat on its face, but the patterns remain in my tender care.

I am letting them go, no cost involved but bundles of 10 (two bundles per person max).  They will come as they are... I can't go through and select ones you may prefer, it would be too time consuming.

The postage is obviously an issue... I will be able to send them out via the cheapest possible method (over seas will go by land and can take up to 2 months to reach the recipient)

Message me if you'd like a bundle - Overseas can have one bundle max due to the cost of postage.

Thanks in advance for helping me create space in my study (which is getting smaller by the fat quarter)

Postage - I will tell you what it cost me,  I think it prudent that you the recipient give that amount to a charity of your choosing.  Is that fair?

Take care and happy blog hopping 

J x

P.S. 49 likes on the Face book page...   one more to unlock the fourth give away!"


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  2. Love cross-stitch. I'll be happy to take a couple of bundles off your hands and donate the postage costs to A Christmas Child. I'll also use them to teach a young lady here in town who has fine motor control issues how to cross-stitch - good occupational therapy for her! Thank you so very much!

    1. wow, if anyone deserved to have them you did hon, email me your address and I'll send them straight away.. with a Christmas card of course! lol

      I am always keen to hear from others as kind as myself who think giving to another person as equal as giving to their own x

      Janey x