Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tell me this is one hell of a dream.... Please?

Oh my what can be happening in my star's for this to turn out how it's going right now?

A craft sale with over 40 Stalls that I was a 'craftee' in attendance was little more than a children's party with the added bonus of a woman screaming into the microphone for 5 hours solid promoting her new events management company!!!  God lord above, its now nearly 4 days later and my ear's have not recovered, my balance was negative as a result of the dearly beloved partner not listening to my implicit instructions when getting all my items down to pack... (which I didn't get a chance to check before he threw the lot into the rear of our car)

Hence we arrived and I then discover that all the jewellery is not with us.  So all in all not a successful day, £10 for the table, £20 for the fuel and erm well £15 in sales... we just made the cost of the table. In future I will be checking premises prior to booking a table and will be reading the poster's very carefully also.

She asked for feedback from the sellers... I know that at least 4 out of the 18 tables (NOT 40 +), were very upset and miffed about the mislabelling of the event. They didn't leave good feedback, so I was somewhat confused when I noticed the Facebook thread to say it was a resounding success?  False advertising is looked upon very dimly here in the UK, I wonder if she's aware of that?... anyway, that isn't all....

Last Sunday I baked like a demon to make tonnes of Ginger bread men for a fun afternoon at the Local Education Centre where I do my Patchwork. They all looked very dandy, and we were very impressed with them.  Only to find out I'd made them a week early!  Oh Jesus, what's going on in my tiny little Grey Cell right now?...

Not all though,

Christmas is under 3 weeks away, and the quilts I have not quite finished are almost ready for the next stage... One minor, no that's not right, one very huge problem has poked its ugly head up and is guffawing loudly at me... No one can find the quilting extension table for the sewing machine!!!!  OMG!!! I need that so desperately  my Daughter has turned her room inside out trying to find it.  Right, no that's a lye too, her room was already inside out, she tried to blame the looking for the table under the eaves on the piles of dirty clothes strewn about her floor... Now I know I am not the brightest bulb in the house, but even I know that dirty clothes do not accumulate under the eaves to be pulled out when an unsuspecting mother needs something from there....  

Why me? Why me? Why me????????

Please will someone send me some luck in the shape of a mantra, spell, charm, or even via voodoo... the 'other family' are interfering again, so voodoo is appropriate right now also (ok not that much, but enough to miff up my 40th Birthday party plans for my partner - who makes the birthday boy go to them to give him a card? )

So to sum up

I need the extension table yesterday, a very strict nanny to come along and whip my miscreant daughter into shape, a lovely batch of anti-biotic's to give my son's bad tooth the heave ho, and just a smidgen good luck and loveliness so that OH will look at me with something other than contempt... is that alright?

Aw you are too good to me, 
Thanks quilting massive,
J x

Oh one last thought... I did my good deed and completed the four Sandy Blocks, I may do more, but right now, Xmas has me licked x


  1. Bless your heart, you are going through a rough patch, aren't you?! ((((((hugs))))) from eastern Washington state, take a deep breath, glass of wine and some chocolate should take the edge off. Cookies are ready for next week - how lovely to have that task done ahead of time - well done! Now you have some extra time to find that missing extension table! And time to figure out how to take the wind out of the sails of the blowhard at the "craft sale"!

    1. Thank you very much for re-jigging my perception of the situation, The extension was actually in the cupboard where I thought it was, however, the box it's in is the same colour as the plaster board so it was totally and utterly concealed whilst in plain sight!

      Only me, as my dear Granny would say, You are so Jane... I knew what she meant x