Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Miracle

WOW!  Let me just hold still for a moment whilst I catch my breath.....


We had two days of sunshine! Two whole days, and last night (the last of the two days) We invited the neighbours over for a BBQ.  Ordinarily that would have caused the rain to come, but it didn't, it held off until just after we got the food and sundries into the house.

What did happen that wasn't supposed to was....  The BBQ caught fire! The paint was actually burning!... It wasn't my cooking, I had done the sausages and they were lovely, I put on the minted lamb.  Oh dear that was that, - the fat dripped into the bottom of the BBQ, and didn't drain out, that caught fire, which in turn caught the lamb chops alight, which in turn caused the paint to catch fire as the fat (some of it) dribbled down the front of the BBQ!  Fire retardant paint caught fire for gods sake!

What concerned me most was the cost of the ruined lamb! damn the safety of the neighbours who were sat too close to the fire to be comfortable really, and the new double swing seat that they were sat in, would have gone up in seconds... thank god that didn't go up!

Ah well, I think we have seen all the summer days we are going to, so at least we had the full use of the BBQ this year as it was ever going to be needed for?! lol now, I look to freecycle to see if someone can send one our way.

In the mean time, yesterday I was forced into wearing jeans that are too short for me, and thus had to roll them up.  So me being me thought... why should I do this every time and really avoid wearing a pair of jeans that are perfectly wearable?  I lopped off the bottom of the jean legs, and using some fat quarter's I had laying about! trimmed along the bottoms of the jean's and made a lovely little pair of capri jean's with a very vibrant cuff to the leg's.   I have never done it before, but I will most probably be doing it again, especially as my legs seem to be too long for my body.

And now..... I am going to be playing with my toyota quilt master 50, which is back from servicing, no longer a clunky monster, more a smooth rider (cheap skates making it didn't use any lubricant's what so ever!), however, the engineer has made one minor biff up... the stitch selector wheel has dropped out of synch with the actual stitches... I thought I was doing a straight stitch and a ZigZag came out! talk about confusing a blonde!... it took me ages to work out what had gone wrong ;-)

He'll be back off holiday soon, though my other half thinks I would be able to take the cover off and do it myself!!! I think... far too scared to do something like take the cover off!

Speak soon ladies and gentle beans x

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