Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blog Hoppin Break

WOW, today I was called Talented! I am so incredibly chuffed that someone actually likes what I do!  Me being the negative woman that I have been battered into being just thinks that I like to do things and don't do it particularly well....

Have I been selling myself short?,  What would I say to someone else who had made something like me? I would most definitely say that I loved what they have done, and I would mean that too!

One thing that I do know, I like to do what I am doing, pottering about with a sewing machine, rotary cutter, some fabric, needles and pins... then making something that was originally a pile of fabric with no real meaning... that is where the meaning comes into the pieces I make.. I do feel affection for each one, even if it isn't quite as perfect as I had hoped. Just as a mother does with every child, even though they may have had a naughty day, the maternal love just doesn't go, its there, permanently. My children know that I love them, I tell them, I hug them, I treat them to all sorts of things that they don't really need.. but they get them anyway, and finally I also teach them to make and create... both my eldest children 12 and 11 can cook a full dinner for the family (6 of us), both can sew (reasonable standard for children with a low attention span to anything not electric), both can bake cakes and do it very well - My thighs will tell you that much...
Hmm so love comes in many guises.... and that kind of affection that is just well, latent, is the same affection that allows me to say 'I really like what you have done! its lovely' and mean it.

Today I did something that wasn't perfect... well its web based so there is no perfection as far as I am concerned, I can type, I can surf, I can buy online safely, what I can't do is update my website with photographs that will fit nicely in line with the boundaries on the page...
have a look at this mess....

there you have it, a mucky website... navigate your way to the tutorials page and then go to the Wet Bag one... LOL oh dear I need to have some lessons given to me by someone other than my partner... he just got very grumpy very quickly and stomped off.... He has been working for the last 36 hours and I have seen little snippets of him - even overnight!... so I am going to talk aren't I?.... its what we do! 

Ah well, tomorrow when he is clean shaven and less grumpy, then we'll talk xxx 

I hope you are still blog hopping x I am x


  1. Hi there. I don't see an e-mail address to contact you so am going this route. Thanks for commenting on my give away post. I love that pic too ; )

  2. I love your Jake quilt! And, I think every artist ought to love their own work and make it with pure joy with ONLY FUN in mind. Otherwise...why do it?!?