Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wet bag or not?

I did the quote for a Wet Bag for someone who needs one to store soiled cloth nappies in when out and about.  I have looked at many that are currently on sale around the World and with all things considered I can do one for her.  The quote I gave, I thought was reasonable. However, having heard nothing since I sent her the quote I suspect that she doesn't want one from me.

Not a problem, I do have other friends who are cloth 'bottom'ers', so have asked if I can make one for her as a present - for being such a fabulous and forgiving friend x (I sometimes don't get a chance to respond to texts, we live no where near each other!)

So I thought to myself tonight, that is what I will do once the babies have gone to bed.

As soon as they were tucked up and silent, off I went into the Study to create and make. I was greeted with a busy sewing table, magazines that need reading, other notions about the place... time for a clear up I think.
The clear up prompted the end of some projects that I just haven't got round too, many reasons why but the main one is the brain thinking up more items to make before I have finished the last 3 or 4.

With this little bit of time I chose to get the babies sun hats done, I had drawn the pattern out myself, I have used none technical dimensions - both of them are totally ad hock and created off the cuff. Not my usual style I have to be honest.

Look for yourselves and see what they turned out like - I will attempt to upload the pattern for anyone who wants to print it off for personal uses at a later date (I still haven't learnt how to do it).

Girls hat modelled by my eldest boy - his head is roughly the same size

Back of the head - so you can see the many colours in this very pretty and striking hat

One for the boys - I had this fabric for his hat for a long time - finally done!

I have only two more to make, for the family that is, eldest girl want's one, and I have more material to make the youngest girl another one.  Though I think that one should be a different style,

Let me know what you think, AND  please please send me pictures of your sun hats, I would love to get them up onto the blog too, a fresh pair of eye's always produces a different project outcome x
Thanks for reading x

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