Thursday, 9 August 2012


This afternoon was a normal afternoon by anyone's standards.

We drove across country (30 miles), and collected some double glazing panes from a fellow freecycler, great for a little lean to green house for strawberries - and they will need the help this year as the sun has remained resolutely behind thick rain clouds.

We played around the living room, skittles made with Pepsi bottles, hide under the quilted floor play mat, me and two babies - I was never going to hid with my bottom sticking out from behind the sofa was I?

Then whilst I was trying to go through my emails - daily chore of sifting through the offers of millions, if I can pay thousands first - people still fall for it though!... then my youngest daughter popped her head over the gate to the study. With the sweetest little voice said, 
'In, Mummy, Pllleassssse?'
aw now who could possible not allow anything after that?

In she comes, content with some paper and a few pencils to begin with... then she thinks that my seat is a much better option for her bottom than the lower office chair. My bar stool suits my back better than anything else.  Over she toddles, up I get her, and some how, I can't remember the exact details, Cbeebies pops up onto the screen, their web page that sometimes works at the right speed and most of the time doesn't. It's filled with over enthusiastic lunatics who make the oddest faces and noises that all toddlers love.  I printed off some pictures of her favourite characters for her to colour in.  That was wrong, she wanted to paint them on the screen!    Oh dear!   Queue tantrum....

How did I calm her down, the song icon...  what made it worse, I was singing along too, dancing like the on screen lunatics, pulling faces, making the noises... and my daughter?  she just watched me.   Lesson learnt, just go with the flow, let it happen and someday the babies will pick it up and do it themselves too!

Anyway, this burst of energy that was surging through my arteries and veins gave me the impetus to do something to sell, rather than make sun hats, lunch bags and other sundries that have had me avoiding the real work I need to be doing.

I came up with the delightful wall hanging you can see on the pictures, I was over the moon with it when it was finally done.   I have just done one for a customer and used baby gro's for that one, very stretchy and it did make a nice item, but I wasn't totally pleased with the outcome.  This one I used Polyester and cotton fabrics and the end result, in my humble opinion is much nicer - The next one will be better again you'll see.

The heart shape was a touch difficult to hold into place, I could do with a vice and a decent set of pliers, and a welding torch.  The blinking thing wouldn't pop open then would it, oh I said a few bad words - such as blimey, goodness, Oh Dear... Etc.

I just couldn't get the exposure right , hence the different  shades.

I have added the St George pendant to give this wall hanging some link to the Olympics being held here in the UK.

And the odd pearl, and bead to pretty it up even more x
I will be putting it up for sale on the website as soon as I wake up in a few hours, folksy and etsy too - not forgetting Crafty Bums. 

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