Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Blog Hop Giveaway x

Give away link

Hover over the words above (Give away link), and you'll find a link that you can click on, this will send you over to Michele's blog, where the giveaway HQ is.  She has painstakingly put all us giver's onto a little data base for you, all you have to do is....

click on our names and do as the instructions bid.....

It couldn't be simpler, no one has asked for money up front, no one has asked you stand on your head for 2 hours... most are asking that you follow their blog, like them and leave a comment or just one or two of the three, it is so easy, so come on join in the fun...x

Lets make this world a smaller place and get together in this global gathering of like minded people x

x J x

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