Thursday, 12 April 2012

2 O'Clock and alls well;

phew, today is now tomorrow and what a day it has been... 

Babies up incredibly early, quick trip to a local petrol garage to see a Rugby international celeb; back home past the haberdashery shop and charity store to get some 'dust sheets' for our 6 gorgeous puppies to lay on... then erm well actually I can't remember exactly what we did, but know that myself and a n other have spent all day in the study making a cushion for her using a fantastic method of 'fabric art' -

We layered several fabric's, on top of each other,  then stitched around the outer edge to hold them all steady. A pattern was created on a piece of paper, which was then transferred onto tracing paper and then pinned onto the fabrics. The paper was stitched to the fabrics following the pattern that was drawn. Then chosing the layers at random, we cut through layers until a lovely layered picture emerged. No chance of perfection, no chance of perfect symmetry either. And the result was stunning, a great job done by someone who hasn't tried anything like that ever. She then embroidered her initials, again something she hasn't done, but my goodness her work is so very very neat and on the line it was as though she was a seasoned pro!

The final bit, create a pillow case or cushion in fact, for the art work to go onto, so using linen I attached the art work onto the linen and covered it with red/black organza and sewed it all up. the finishing touch were the three diamant√© buttons adorning the back of the cushion... A job very well done, and though it took a while the outcome is fantastic.

Now onto the real deal... its two in the morning and I have just finished on line of crumb gathering... now I need sleep but after I have attached the pictures... :-)


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