Sunday, 8 April 2012

A day of productivity no less...

When all about lose their heads

I decide to keep mine, as the title would suggest I have been very productive, not only starting a project, but finishing that and a few more!

Could it be that I know realise that the blocks just won't get done by themselves? or the dresses just won't pull themselves together? or that the house won't get tidy or cleaned by anyone else? or ... whoah there!

All of the above, 

The blocks that I started to do for the liberated quilting round robin stage 1, do look lovely as they are, but as neat blocks they just aren't liberated enough, with a bit of advice and a shove from the organizers that be (in the shape of the next stage instructions) they are now done, all two of them, only two but thats enough for me (right now anyway)
original block prior to hacking up!

Block mid - re sewing with newly added bits.
The top of the block was also given a turquoise stripe, don't ask why, it just called me.

The second block to receive the attention of the day was this one
The beloved Cerise Butterfly - the out of focus photo doesn't do anything for it!

Now that's a change isn't it? totally unexpected and just by following my eyes and hands, my son directed the cut (he had a choice of straight across of diagonal), the first was the straight across on the left hand side, the other two were my own work, and what work its turned out to be...

The other item I started and finished in the same day - a lovely little dress for the young lady who's mother was murdered a few days ago, I saw a duvet cover of my eldest daughters. She has now out grown it, as she's no longer in her princess phase (shame really 'cause I loved getting her princessy things), anyway, I saw this dress inside the frame of the duvet pattern and out it came, I cut and pieced and managed to come out with a half decent design and dress, fit for a princess....

The front of her dress, the rose panel was down the front of the duvet cover, and the lined area was the frame surrounding the roses

Here you can see the collar, I had cut it a little too wide, but made it good by adding two elasticated straps to make it an off the shoulder type dress.

Finally the rear of the dress, well the collar of the rear anyway, this pattern is all the way down with no interruption apart from the lined hem around the bottom of the skirt. The button proved to be the most difficult part of the whole process! I delved through my entire button collection and ended up with a pink toggle, however, when I thought to check if it would actually allow the loop to come over and then open up the collar, it was too big! back to the drawing board and back to the first button I had selected.. Isn't that always the way?

This dress has truely brought back some lovely memories, and will hopefully give young Isabella some good memories too. She is young enough to make a clear recovery, but also young enough to forget who mummy was too, THAT is the saddest part.

Still, if you have anything you can give to a young lady who's nearly three and has lost her Mummy forever, then please do, message me and I will send you details of how to help.

Thanks ladies and gentlemen for taking the time to read x


  1. You have been very busy, and lovely it is too! Welcome to our Monthly Make Group love Annie x

    1. Thanks Annie, fingers crossed the work will not go to waste :-)