Friday, 20 April 2012

What do you do when you are alone with a sewing machine and fabric?

Surely the answer is simple... well actually it isn't THAT simple is it?

Too much fabric, too many projects and a bedroom that doesn't know what colour it is!!!! tonight, I make pillows to go onto our bed, we already have the pillows, its just the cases that I am trying to create. One problem maintains its plaguing.. I keep sewing the Zips in the wrong way, or on the wrong side, or back to front...and now, the thread has ran out of the bobbin and I don't have any matching that will go into the bobbin and not clog up! 


I am not going to give up though! oh noooo, I will of course have a few nibbles of the Easter Eggs I have stashed in the fabric and stock cupboard and then eat my way through a big bowl of cereal and full fat milk and then, AND ONLY THEN, will I attempt the unattemptable and sew the blinking Zips in the right way and create a pillow case or two that look good enough to sell and therefore are good enough to go onto our bed! ;-)

Photo's will of course follow, though right now, I'm off to eat x


  1. I get quite overwhelmed with lots of fabulous fabrics and a sewing machine, only because I can never produce creations as perfect as they are in my mind. I do love making aprons though.

    1. hmmnnn Aprons.... Now you have me thinking, I started a cake decorating course tonight and one of the things we have to get is an Apron, Why buy one when I have enough fabric here to make an apron for a blue whale.... actually a whole squad of blue whales! LOL

      J x