Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sugar and Spice = Cake....

So, today - despite being lethargic and very sleepy (mostly asleep through the day like a vampire), I opened my eyes this afternoon and remembered I have college tonight.
A new course, only 6 weeks, but new to me and just what I want to do, hands on and immediate results can be seen... Cake decorating... We did flowers this evening...

Roses, Mine Baby Blue, well the first one was blighted with disease, very poorly turned out,
My second, slightly less diseased, and getting there,
My third, well, what can I say, looks delightful, very pretty and rather too pretty to apply to the top of a cake for munching on.

What do I do? Historians tell how Icing statues and buildings were made to adorn dinner tables for 'posh' do's that the gentry held. These were so very intricate, very lifelike, very very edible, and very very expensive, so very beautiful that the shame was in the eating of it at the end of the meal...!

its a little bit like the ice sculptures that just melt away, or the sand monuments made on beaches by very talented artists, that most likely do it for either notoriety or for the kicks. Again, they can't last, they are a melting pot medium.  So the question begs to be asked, why?

Why create something so beautiful that can not possibly last and in reality will only be appreciated by a fixed audience who can see it in the flesh... all lose their story in photographic evidence, no finger prints or tell tale markings of the creator can be seen....

Do I enjoy making things that are not permanent? Why yes of course I do, It gives me pleasure to see an item go from a blob of sugar paste into a little perfect flower, that couldn't be created by anyone else because it has my markings, has my personality, and is my creation, for someone I know, and therefore someone I have a modicum of feelings for.

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