Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quilting Lady Saves the Day

Clare the quilting Queen

This beautiful lady has embraced the quilting ethos completely and utterly.  Quilts were initially made as 'keep sakes' for young women who are taking their passage into adult hood. Materials used are special outfits worn for occassions such as Christenings, brides maids outfits, first clothes etc so on and so forth.. these were done by a member of the immediate family and not a woman commissioned to do one.

Now it is the commissioned route, which is good for us, but that also detracts somewhat from the beauty of the love involved in the making up of the quilt, the memories that these 'dresses'  hold, the smells also carry so many memories alone. However, the woman who is at the header of this blog entry, Clare, OMG she has touched my heart so gently but deeply and did so without knowing it.

I have posted blogs regarding a young woman being murdered and leaving behind her two year old daughter. Clare upon seeing this has immediately offered to help out, that alone is fabulous, but what really makes her stand out from the crowd is that she also makes quilts for children with Leukaemia, (follow the link at the top of the page), How does one woman find the time to do all this? its obvious, she bends time! After all a deity can do such things can't they???

As a thank you I will spread the word to all I know regarding the work you do Clare, and see if we can get some blocks (if not quilts) working their way back to you x

Thank you for all your generosity and warmth x 

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