Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kaleidoscope Quilts, one day maybe

Paula Nadelstern Well there's a talent for colour, design and geometry all in one fabulous outcome... This woman's work is truly inspirational, and one that I can only hope to attain with hard work and no children tugging at my trousers.

However, the children tugging at my trousers give me the whole reason to get up in the morning and keep going, climbing the ladder of depression. I think I'll keep the children then, would I ever have more? well actually yes I would, were I 10 years younger, fit physically and mentally and we had the money to buy a property large enough to fit a family as large as ours. That said I do know a woman who has had near 20 babies and they only have a normal 30's style semi-detached, which was a 3 bed when they bought it.... now there is an attic room, but all the same, its got to be a squeeze hasn't it? and 20? god imagine what that must do to your inners?? actually I'd rather not if I'm honest -

As for the quilting, that is one of the other reasons why I get up and go, fabric, hmmnnn its just so lovely to look at a piece of fabric and wonder what to do with it, its also a bind to then go to use it and find that you feel its too precious to use in that project! now we have a home packed with children and fabric and not enough storage space, my idea of a solution, put a sun room on the back, which would then become my work space, his indoors can then have this study as his 'work' space, and on top of the sun room, we can put some railings and make it a out door lounge for the summer months, with steps going to the garden - this also doubles up as a fire escape for the rear of the house as we don't currently have one.

People need to buy my BubbaGemz necklaces first, and the quilted items too, so come on people, I need to realise a dream here!

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